Welcome to Numberz. I wanted to create a company that meets the needs of small and mid sized business. There is a missing solution for these companies between the small book keeping business and the big CA firms. As a CA, I understand the rules and as Numberz, I can provide solutions at an affordable price.

I have had a fantastic career as a Chartered Accountant with experiences in a variety of industries and business of all sizes. I have watched the Calgary Flames run for the Stanley Cup, rang the bell on the American Stock Exchange and enjoyed the growth in the .com world before bust. I have seen companies grow and contract and worked with people on all ends of the spectrum. And today, I am still proud and excited to be a Chartered Accountant and a business owner.

At Numberz, our vision is simple - to assist you in all your accounting, tax and business needs by providing solutions and applying our experience to your business.

Service, Quality, Reliability

We are committed to providing superior and reliable accounting services to help our clients focus on their goals and ensure their business is going in the right direction and running efficiently. We look at the whole picture not just the "numberz", and offer suggestions to improve processes and reduce costs.

Let Numberz spend some time with you and your business.